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Corrupt former DSI chief faces 44 million baht asset seizure

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The original 2 year sentence was for "Abuse of Power" when he filed murder charges against Suthep and Abhisit at the behest of the Yingluck government. He's a snake, he served under the Democrat government then the turned to Pheu Thai in an attempt to save his own skin. He did have Liver disease or something so he may well be in hospital.

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57 minutes ago, Pesche said:

A genuine example how opportunities make people greedy. Especially disturbing is the fact that this guy was head of the DSI - unbelievable!

Believable... TiT

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15 hours ago, snoop1130 said:



Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) concluded investigations into two cases involving the corrupt former Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), resulting in significant asset seizures totalling over 44 million baht (US$10 million).


In the initial case, the court ordered the forfeiture of the former DSI’s Director-General Tharit Pengdit’s assets worth 341.80 million baht to the state.


A subsequent ruling on March 19, a continuation of the initial court ruling, saw an additional 44.63 million baht in assets seized, bringing the combined total to more than 386 million baht (US$10 million).


NACC Secretary-General Niwatchai Kasemmongkol, speaking on behalf of the NACC, addressed Tharit’s case to the media through a press conference regarding the judgment by the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct, Section 3.


The court found Tharit guilty of amassing unusual wealth during his tenure as DSI Director-General and ordered the seizure of his assets totalling 44 million baht.



The investigation revealed a notable increase in Tharit’s assets and a significant decrease in debt, with properties registered under various names, including Tharit Pengdit, Watsamon Pengdit, Piyarerk Atthakarnrat, Sanchai Srithongkul, and Piyathanawat Company Limited.


Asset forfeiture


Following the NACC’s inquiry, the Civil Court referred the case to the Attorney General on September 27, 2018, leading to the assets being forfeited to the state.


Further investigations into other potentially illicit assets registered under different names prompted the NACC to initiate a second case. This case focuses on assets unrelated to those in the first case, which were already subject to court rulings.


In the second case, the NACC determined that Tharit had accumulated assets totalling 53 million baht through abnormal means during his tenure.


The commission compiled evidence and expert opinions, submitting a comprehensive report to the Attorney General to pursue legal proceedings before the Criminal Court for corruption and misconduct.


The recent ruling by the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct, Region 3, involved the transfer of unusually wealthy assets amounting to 44 million baht, along with accrued interest, to the state.


The court mandated Tharit to provide documentation related to the assets and effect their transfer to the government through the Ministry of Finance. Failure to comply will lead to the court enforcing necessary measures.


If Tharit is unable to transfer the assets, he is required to compensate the government with an equivalent value or alternative assets until the obligation is fulfilled.


Any fees paid by Tharit during litigation cannot be refunded under these circumstances, emphasising the seriousness of the court’s directives, reported The Nation.


By Ryan Turner

Image courtesy of ThaiPBS World


Source: The Thaiger 2024-05-20


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I wonder how many months/years it will take to accumulate such wealth in Thailand?😳

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On 5/21/2024 at 6:49 AM, thesetat said:

I think they should be looking more closely at investigations the Department of Special Investigations were on during his tenure as well. And begin those investigations again to see if that money was paid to cease or change evidence that could have resulted in more elite to be set free. No-one pays out unless they have something to hide or want the evidence to disappear or to stop charges being made. This man's position in the DSI would give him the power to do anything with all of this. I would really like to see the types of investigations that were made and stopped while he held this position. But, I doubt the DSI would bother to do this since it would damage their department too much and a loss of trust would be significant. 


I know of at least two cases the DSI were investigating that mysteriously went away… after this guy's departure!


Seems very much like business as usual. 

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On 5/21/2024 at 10:48 AM, john donson said:



anti corruption police is corrupt ... what could go wrong ?


why not do like in china for officials that steal in these amounts ?


Because the vast majority of them would then be living in fear of similar punishment. 

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57 minutes ago, Mr Meeseeks said:


Because the vast majority of them would then be living in fear of similar punishment. 

because in China.. The leader is beyond exemption for being corrupt. Here the leader also worries if the corrupt accuse him then he will get into trouble also..Chinas leader has no fear and does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants. Big difference. Here the leader could lose his position and be imprisoned. So the corruption starts at the top and works its way down. No one gets caught unless it becomes made public. 

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