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Buffets to try in Bangkok


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I only Buffet via Eatigo and I only go to one that has the stuff I want (red, dripping high quality US beef, Oysters, Crab Legs, lamb, lobster) and I do it on a whim too, so I dont want to schlep far from my hotel. I dont do any of those "Taste of China" nonsense promos, Ill go buy that crap on the street. Give me high quality Western food, with some Gourmet Options, last month I buried my face in a bowl of pork vindaloo as an appetizer to kill any vibrio the Oysters might give me.


Last 5x in BKK this year it was either Sheraton or Westin in Asoke. They never have disapointed and Ill be there in about 3 weeks at one of them for the 6th time this year.


As to others, go on Eatigo and anything rated 4.5 and above Ive probably been there too. (absent like Seacon Square etc)

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I forgot to mention, I think its the Sheraton that has the little fancy puddings and such like in little like little drinking glasses, so you can take one of those mini spoons and tilt your head back and launch a hunk of mousse right down your gob. Easy to eat.

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I often go to AL LA CARTE sushi buffets, which means you pay a fixed price, but order food that's made for you.

Sadly, the deals are so good, that businesses go bust! Okami have gone bust and my local Tenjo branch has just closed.

Today I went to Tensai at Paseo. 923B for 2 hours of great food and FREE FLOW BEER!

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58 minutes ago, mr336 said:

I never had or heard of cheese on a lobster tail but there it was. 

Lobster thermidor is a French classic, not that I'm a huge fan of lobster.

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4 hours ago, CM Dad said:

Some people live to eat while others eat to live.  The former are often quite obese.  I tend to identify more with the latter.

We are all gonna die and I would rather go with a belly full of prime rib and fois gras while smashing a slinky 18 year old, vis a vis doing the chest clutch with a mouthful of kale slurpee while paying pickleball with my 65 year old wife whose ass reminds me of the cottage cheese I had for my last breakfast.


After a certain age, the bowling ball under the golf shirt is a partying badge.

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13 hours ago, RolandRat said:

Do you guys know any buffet places that are worth trying?

It would help if you gave an indication of budget or what you are looking for? Just food, or do you want to booze it up?

If you want a treat and to make a day of it there is no better than the Sunday brunch at Trader Vic's at the Anantara Riverside. Inside and outdoor seating right on the river, free boat service from Saphan Taksin BTS.

Absolutely incredible buffet selection with top quality food: Indian, sushi, lots of seafood, oysters, pasta stations, BBQ stations, salads, meats, dim sum, cheeses, desserts etc. Plus you can order from about 12 a la cart dishes whenever you like: Hokkaido scallops, Australian steak, US prime rib, lobster thermidore, Alaskan king crab, NZ steamed mussels and other goodness which I don't remember - all cooked to order and as much as you like. This makes a difference as it is not sitting under heat lamps, it is cooked fresh when you order it.

It's not cheap, 3,500++ including alcohol: beers, wines, spirits, sparkling wine, cocktails (their bloody marys are superb). It's my go to place for a special day out.




If you don't want something that extravagant the brunch buffet at the Landmark was always excellent although I haven't been for a few years now. Not sure what they charge these days but believe you can get deals on eatigo.

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21 hours ago, CM Dad said:

Some people live to eat while others eat to live.  The former are often quite obese.  I tend to identify more with the latter.

And some people live and let live.

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