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Richard Burrows, Phuket's 'Peter Smith', faces 30 more charges


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British pedophile’s 30-year Thai escape leads to 30 new charges
by Bob Scott



Picture courtesy of the Daily Mirror


A British pedophile arrested at a London airport after hiding in Thailand for almost 30 years is facing an additional 30 historic sex-related charges.


Richard Burrows, one of the UK’s “most wanted” fugitives, saw his 50-year reign of terror come to an end when he was apprehended on Thursday, March 28, at Heathrow Airport after hiding in Thailand and evading capture for 27 years on allegations of child sex attacks.


The 80 year old pedophile had been a fugitive since December 1997, when he failed to show up at Chester Crown Court to face trial for two counts of buggery and 11 counts of indecent assault. The initial charges stemmed from allegations of abuse at a children’s home in Congleton, Cheshire, during 1969-1971 and in the West Midlands from 1971-1981.

Following these accusations, Burrows, a former Scoutmaster from Audlem, Cheshire, went into hiding.

After his recent arrest, Burrows appeared in court on April 2 and was remanded in custody. Further investigations by the Crown Prosecution Service have resulted in 30 additional charges being authorised against him.


These include 20 counts of indecent assault, one count of buggery, three counts of making indecent images of children (one Category A, two Category B, and one Category C), and four counts of possessing a false identity document with intent.


The new charges involve 11 more victims and span the period from 1966 to 1996 across Cheshire, the West Midlands, and West Mercia. All charges are scheduled to be heard at Chester Crown Court on August 2.


Detective Chief Inspector Ian Smith of Cheshire Police stated his delight in finally bringing the deviant to justice.


“We are committed to seeking justice, irrespective of how much time has passed. This case demonstrates our dedication to pursuing those who commit such serious offences.”


Burrows’ case has refocused attention on historical abuse investigations and the crucial need to deliver long-awaited justice to victims, reported the Daily Mirror.


Burrows remains in custody as legal proceedings progress. With its far-reaching timescale and serious charges, the case is anticipated to garner significant media and public interest.



Picture of Richard Burrows courtesy of the Daily Mirror


Source: The Thaiger  2024-06-24


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2 hours ago, webfact said:

1 count of buggery,


Shoddy reporting.  There is no longer an offence of "buggery" in English law.  Assume what he did was have anal intercourse without consent, he was probably charged with rape under section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

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why are they bringing even more out of date charges against him? I would likehim to rot in jail but there is a stature of limitation here and he is well outside of it.

They will need something more recent or a Lawyer will have him out in no time and the CPS could find themselves on the wrong end of a Law suit themselves. 

It might even be what he was banking on seeing how litigious Britain has become. 

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If he is guilty and charged, perhaps a mishap at the court stairs on the way out would save everyone a lot of expense, with those pounds going to others more worthy of it.


Also if there is a hell, may he burn with pain for the next 80 years.


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Since the alleged offences occurred in a childrens home, it is to be assumed children were involved. Such offences if they occurred warrant a death sentence. Are any of the UK  election candidates supporting reintroduction of the death penalty?

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So has he been living in Thailand for ~ 27 years?




Did he renew his U.K. passport several times?


Did he interact with children here in Thailand?


If I were a DCI and a person of interest had gone missing I'd just assume they were all in Thailand.





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