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Thread 'read' Tracking..


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This has been going on for a while, but if I am not imagining it, its getting worse lately.

I tend to forum browse and then read threads by opening using the orange box showing the thread has posts I havent read (this place has too many posts for using the 'all new posts' forum functions... Most of the time this is functional and works.

Sometimes I will come back to the forum later in the day and see the orange boxes indicating new posts.. But then it turns out the thread was read and it didnt seem to record the fact I read them.

Even weirder than not recording it at all.. Is when I read a forum go back to the topic list and threads are marked read, so the action is definitely recorded in the database.. Then when I return an hour later, threads are all on mass again unread, like my whole previous session didnt get remembered not just an action or two.

So hardly the end of the world but evidence of glitches that someone might want to be aware of.

This happens with Firefox on vista and linux.. Tho the forum posts read tracking isnt a browser side function unlike cookies.

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My problem is similar (sort of). I too use the little orange box, which is supposed to take me to the last unread post. But lately, it just takes me to the top of the most recent page, regardless of how many unread posts there have been.

Even on a page with 30+ posts that I've read, if I see there are new posts and click the box, it takes me to the top of the page. It's almost like the "cookie" that should be noting the last post read, isn't doing it for some reason.

I'm using Chrome (fully updated version). Doesn't seem to be a problem when I use IE though (but IE is a lot slower !).

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