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I am staying in Bangkok for a month as a tourist and am thinking of staying for 1.5 months. What is the cheapest way getting out and into Thailand again. as I am aware that as a Singaporean, I am able to stay in Thailand without a visa for 30 days. I have heard of "visa run". Is that the best way? If so, which one offers the greatest deal?

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...as I am aware that as a Singaporean, I am able to stay in Thailand without a visa for 30 days...

If you arrive by air without visa you get permission to stay for 30 days, by land only 15 days. Only Malaysian nationals get 30 days also by land, when crossing from Malaysia: http://www.mfa.go.th/web/2482.php?id=2490

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Hi Muse,

There are many options for this depending on which part of Thailand you are planning on staying in. If you're in Bangkok, probably the best way to extend your stay for another 2 weeks would be to do a visa run to cambodia, you can do it in less than a day on a mini bus and it normally costs 1-2,000B including you Cambodia visa. Have a search on google to find some people who provide visa run services, but when I have had to do this in the past Jack Golf has always done a good job - http://www.jackgolf.com/en/visa_run/.




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