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Visa For Driving License

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In a few months I will have to renew my Thai driving license. When I did it I was on a Non B, while now I have a 1 year non O multi entry from KL based on marriage. My question is: can I renew my driving license with this kind of visa?


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Yes, show visa (copy of passport main page and visa page) and get confirmation of your living address issued by the immigration plus a medical certificate fm your doctor or hospital.

All give 5 years it mean until your birthday.

I was lucky ... I went in January and I got 5 years and 11 month bc. born in december! :)

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You need copies of all visa related pages, info page, departure card, your rental agreement and something with your address in Thai.

Fill in form for residence certificate and take along two passport size pictures. Do not forget to sign all of the copies. Take extra photos if you need motorcycle and car driving license as you will need two certificates. Cost 200 baht per certificate. I had to return next day to pick up the completed certificates but as I had forgotten something I dont't know if they will prepare them as you wait or not.

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Thanks guys. I'll try to go there with my rental contract and everything else and see if I'll find some officer in a good mood :)

Anyway I live in Pattaya. Has anybody had a similar experience here?

How long before renewing my license shall I ask for this certificate of residence?

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Some Immigration Offices will issue and some will not.

The fee will depend on what Immigration Office you deal with.

Anything from free to 1,000 Baht. :whistling:

:rolleyes: exactly ...... I had a prove of rent (copy of rental contract) , 1 photo (of course my passpaort too) and 1000 Bath.

All was done between 10 minutes, after 1 hr on the Office for Land and transport, but effective take 15 min if clerk

not hang around for bla bla bla. If you make both, motorcycle and car you need 2 prove of domicile and have the pleasure

pay double too because in each file of license they want here a original :(

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