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What A Police Car...


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What's the point in having a very slow Highway Police car ? Italy has some very fast cars, = need a fast Police car...

I remember in the UK when the Police had there Austin 3.0lt Westminster's replaced for the 1800 Austin Landcrab, they could not catch anything :D they were as good as the local police cars the Austin 1100 of the same year. soon replaced by the Rover 3.5 SDI and the Range-rover........ Holland years ago had a fleet of Porche Motorway Patrol cars, Germany 'M' BMW's and Opel Carlton Lotus.

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Seen this one on here before you can google much of it.

This is the fastest police car from the Gerry's.


730 hp V12 225 mph - 360 kph


flat 6 - 500hp - 0 - 60 mph( 96kph) in 4.5 sec - 185 mph (296 kph)


From the sublim to ridiculas 700hp Hummer powered by a 7.0L supercharged V8 for a sheriff in Texas.

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This makes it Thai related


My Highway police friend drives a Camry but not this colour.

In the 90's the police in Germany had Porsche 928's.


Me and my mate was on a Autobahn in Germany doing 150mph (240kph) when one of these pulled up along side, the observer police guy saluted us and the car just took off, cool eh !!

In the UK it was a pigs road block set up and your nicked.:lol:

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