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Pattaya/Jomiten Long Term Let With Private Pool


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I have been looking on the net for villas in jomiten for a year long rental, I'm hoping to find prices for a property which is spacious 2 bed + good furniture and a private pool big enough to swim lengths in 10m +.I don't want to be remote, walking distance to beaches restaurants ect. I'm hoping that someone will tell me if i just turn up there will be plenty to view, and also if you could tell me how much roughly you think the monthly rent will be, it will be very helpful.


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You might get a better response if you posted in the Pattaya forum, locals are more likely to pick up on it and give you a response.

If you are currently in Thailand it might pay you to spend a few days there, rent a bike, research the areas that appeal and look for signs for property for rent.

Good luck.

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I highly recommend you try and find a place once you are in Pattaya. Properties, at times, look completely different in person vs. on an internet site.

Plus, many are not even listed on various sites. You only find them by driving around...and the good ones disappear quickly.

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