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Sites hosted/mirrored in Thailand?


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Is there a resource that lists which overseas web sites maintain hosts/mirrors here in Thailand?  e.g. Do Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL (just kidding), YouTube, BBC, Wikipedia, etc. maintain a local presence for content here without having to access via overseas internet cables?


I'm trying to decide whether to keep an FTTH provider with relatively high-speed intra-Thailand access, but with very low overseas access speeds (including to/from Singapore).  If a majority of the larger overseas sites have local access portals, it might be worth keeping the FTTH, and also keep my trusty 3BB ADSL alongside for occasions where I might need to download large amounts of data from other overseas locations, like torrents.


I anticipate finding that few overseas sites have local portals/mirrors in country, but don't know how to check to be sure.  If few local access points are available, I'd cancel the FTTH.

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I've been out of the networking/CDN business for a long long, long time but am pretty sure all these services use different caching/CDN strategies and architectures, for both static and dynamic content. So NetFlix is using a vastly different architecture from Facebook, and even YouTube. I doubt that any of those on your list mirror (100% replication) in Thailand; obviously some of the content is cached here at various points in the network? And (obviously) the details of these distribution systems are proprietary - but you can view various presentations to get some insight.


I'm not sure you're going to be able to determine the exact location of the content you want today, or the content you may want tomorrow?


Keeping two access providers can be a good strategy if you need back-up, but it may be simpler to find a single decent provider?


As of ~ 3 weeks ago there was ~ 4.1 TB/s of domestic bandwidth and ~ 3.6 TB/s if international bandwidth.





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Thanks for the feedback, guys.


@mtls2005:  Yes the redundancy back-up is another factor I'm considering.  It's a bit disappointing that my B599/mo 18/1.8 Mbps 3BB ADSL beats the pants off of B1200/mo 30/10 Mbps TMN FTTH for overseas sites.  I tested Singapore and Los Angeles over a period of time on different dates/times and 3BB routinely is 2x faster.  If I do keep the TMN as a backup, I'll drop back down to their B599/mo FTTH package.


The other change I'm considering is changing my 3BB ADSL to VDSL, but am waiting for first-hand reports that their VDSL + B200 @Inter supplement has decent overseas speed.

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Most major websites have peering arrangements, and do not host content locally. Many local isps do cache content from major sites such as those you mention. It's a subtle distinction, and peering basically amounts to content providers such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc appearing to be internal Thailand traffic. They basically own or lease a portion of all international bw to achieve this.


As to your question, you're not going to do yourself any harm if you only use those large sites, but I wouldn't want to be cornered like you seem to be on international traffic.

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