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After 11 years in Chiang Mai, I was Denied Entry

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11 minutes ago, elviajero said:

No they’re not. Since 2014 IO’s have had discretional power to legally deny entry to anyone using visa exempt entry because they’ve spent too long in the country for tourism. It was announced by the MFA to embassies etc. And since then IO’s have used any qualifying reason under section 12.

Source of the actual MFA announcement? Source or it's just hearsay.


The same system that alerts on 6 VE entries does not alert on 3 SETVs or 1 METV, so I doubt it was set in place to prevent tourists from staying longer than 180 days a year. More likely it is there so long term tourists have to get tourist visas and prove they have means to support themselves, which does make sense.

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59 minutes ago, PingRoundTheWorld said:

They haven't even checked how much money he has on him, let alone in the bank. Plenty of people can afford to live in Thailand for years without a job - isn't that why the the 50+ retirement extension exists? (which isn't available to him due to his age - not financial situation)


They just made up a reason to deny him because the actual reason to deny does not exist in the law. "Here too long" and "over 180 days" are completely made up rules which seem to only exist in DMK. I have a METV but still avoiding DMK and choosing more expensive flights into BKK because of all the horror stories I've heard. If this keeps up after the election I'll seriously reconsider spending most of my time out of Thailand, and take my money where it's welcome.


Good to know about not signing and asking to be put on the next flight immediately, and good to hear (that in this case) you can have a choice of where to fly to (only if you don't sign?). Hopefully I'll never have to use that knowledge, lol.

You have a METV ,good for almost 9 months. You get vetted at your countries embassy -proof of income,bank account and in some cases a Itinerary of your holiday stops(booking.com) while in Thailand. You should carry this proof with you when you enter .Also it wouldn't hurt to have a  throw away ticket out

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40 minutes ago, beautifulthailand99 said:

Sorry to hear about your experience. You sound like a digital nomad so you have been earning money abroad and spending it in Thailand. If Thailand had an ounce of sense it would make efforts to legitimize your types as a net asset to the country. Oh and you speak Thai and aren't some beer-sodden, sexpat cheap charlie - what's not to like? (massive assumptions on my part). 


Good luck with whatever you do elsewhere.

OP says he's been living in Thailand for 11 years, so if he was earning money, he would be earning it here in Thailand - not abroad.  Or did I miss something.

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