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TM28: Thai immigration scraps requirement for foreigners to report when they stay away from home for 24 hours

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I recall a large number of doom sayers who said that online petition was a waste of time and possibly could get you into trouble for signing . Those who were brave enough to start it and sign it can n

The TM 99 will soon follow .. to be completed when you shop at Big C .......

Actually it isnt clear.. It says the TM28 is no longer needed..  What it doesnt say is the TM30 is no longer needed, and as the fines for landlords not reporting are so often passed onto the occupi

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21 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

Until its official don't get excited. I am one who is very sceptical when there is talk of scrapping any money making venture because that was all this ever was. 

Is this not official enough for you then?



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44 minutes ago, Chicken George said:

So.. No more reporting TM30. Which our local IO insisted I do even for one night away from my permanent address? 


The o/p does not say that at all!


59 minutes ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

(TM30 often gets confused with TM28, with TM30 sometimes used as a kind of catch-all term to describe both but they are actually two separate requirements - and TM30 is still required.).


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