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Multi-ministry drive to open up Thailand to foreign tourism by October 1st, tourism minister


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30 minutes ago, Don Chance said:

Thailand has not had a run of the virus.  New research suggests that up to 50% of people have a natural immunity but the other 50% are at risk. When the virus hits a country there will a large number of people who are hit hard, then it weans off as we see in London for example.

Thailand has population with low exposure, so it could easily go very bad quickly

Practically you can not have a high number of people arrive and provide quarantine facilities for 14 days.  Tourists do not want to be stuck in a hotel for 14 days. Perhaps apartments, bungalows. But it is too difficult to pull off.

'But it is too difficult to pull off' - I have someone to do that for me.

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46 minutes ago, hotandsticky said:



I don't think it is a back-flip; rather a ministerial department desperate to justify it's own existence.

Yeah! Where you need TAT if don't have tourist! Also don't have any sport activities! 

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