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Big Joke tells sex offenders preying on children: "I'm coming after you no matter who you are"


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Just now, swm59nj said:

I’m hoping this man will stay true to his word and administer justice. 

He usually does... until he treads on the wrong toes.....

Surely this is one area he can proceed without being reined in 

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7 hours ago, transam said:

He should have waived a plastic bag whilst making that quote, would have spoken a thousand words and created a lot of "gulps" from the naughty folk.....????

that will follow, unbeknown to most, and I would be happy to ship all my excess plastic bags to him.

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On 2/12/2022 at 8:34 AM, webfact said:

the son of a former well-known politician in Surat Thani.


He is still at large but the other three are in custody.

Par for the course; the nobodies are banged up; the one with the influential father isn't.

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