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Thinking of going for Apple for the first time..


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I have used both Windows computers and Apple.  I also have an Iphone but in the past used Android.  

Personally I prefer Windows and Android.  The windows have a lot more software and in my opinion less restrictive to use.  Try to link an Apple product to anything other than an Apple and it is a royal pain.  

If you are using graphics Apple products are unquestionably the best.  If you are using data particularly the Word/Excel/ Powerpoint etc programs stick with Windows.  

Though I have a Mac I never really got use to the change in commands to get things done.  It was like learning over again from DOS

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On 2/20/2022 at 4:47 AM, brewsterbudgen said:

"This is way better for the average consumer, also better for older people."

I'm sold!


Really interesting and thought-provoking comments.  Thanks everyone.  Looks like I'll be going for  a Macbook.

I use a Apple Mac for a desktop.

I've installed windows 10 on it. Apples make a special feature to install windows, you can partition the harddrive to be certain percentages of windows/apple

I can boot up through an installed apple program called bootcamp. It lets you choose to operate on Safari or on Windows.

I can use the computer as an Apple or as a Windows computer, best of both worlds IMHO.

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There will be some new terms to get use to thanx to the pissing match between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates when they were both writing the native software for both platforms.


Microsoft copy-righted and trade-marked a lot of the simple command protocols you are used to.


In the Apple sphere you don't have short-cuts, you have aliases, you don't copy, you duplicate, etc, seems silly but you'll get use to it.


Apple products do have great form factors and are generally very high quality, thus you'll pay for that.


Also, you can partition the drive and still run Windows along side Apple OS as others have mentioned. 


You'll want to install the "Parallels" software which will allow to conveniently run both systems at the same time on your MacBook.

Another thing to consider is Macs come pre-loaded with all the software apps you'll probably need. So there's very little else you'll need to purchase.  

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On 2/20/2022 at 3:51 PM, brewsterbudgen said:

I've never owned an Apple product in my life, but as my Dell laptop is getting on, I'm think of going over to a MacBook - most likely a MacBook Pro 14/16.  Is being 60+ to old to change?  Will I regret it?  What are the main differences or problems I can expect with switching from Windows?

Maybe you will like it, maybe not.


I know from some people who struggled with PCs, bought a mac, an were happy ever after.


I know one rich guy who always had the newest ThinkPad (Windows), he was at some Apple show and after that he was convinced Apple is the best. He bought one, the best available, and he told everybody that from now on he will use Apple and it's so much better. About half a year later he got rid of that Apple and used PCs again.


Personally I only used Windows and I like Windows. But I know lots of people who are happy with Apple. Fine with me. It seems the biggest problem is getting used to the other system. That's were some people struggle, because things don't work the same as they are used to.


I think the answer is: Try, if you can afford it and after you see some possible advantages for you.

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I bought my first MacBook in 2013 and it is still going strong! However, about 6 months ago, it started slowing a little, and I was near an Apple store (in Illinois) so I looked at a new one and bought it, although I have only migrated my bookmarks over to it and am still using my 2013 model. Everything pairs seamlessly between iPhone and MacBook, and I am never leaving Apple products. Most users are not going back to Windows ever again.    

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19 hours ago, recom273 said:

Maybe just go to the shop and ask for a demo, i'm guessing any of the guys in the apple shop in BKK (not istudio) have enough experience to blow you away.


Yes, I just did that.  The staff at the main Apple shop at Centralworld were (unsurprisingly!) very knowledgeable and helpful!  Man, it was busy in there too!  


90% sure I'm going to go for the Macbook Pro 14"

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On 2/20/2022 at 5:04 PM, ChaiyaTH said:

No they are not, and it is a generic word to obviously point out: windows is hell, it is just messy and complicates things for nothing, requires manual multi step actions from users to maintain or fix it when issues arise etc.


With apple there is nothing that you do aside of clicking 'OK' once with periodic MacOS updates, which just never cause an issue. This is way better for the average consumer, also better for older people.

Saves a lot of time too which is money, or the annoyance of having to help your parents or grandparents all the time when they once again messed up their computer. I never had to help any family member again once they switched to it (and they did way before me).

Unless you are using Windows 95 they are

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