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Khao Soi touted as Thailand’s soft power


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Maybe Milli could eat some during her next performance? That would boost domestic sales for around a week as "Netizens go crazy for Khao Soi".


Of course, this "soft power" won't extend beyond Thailand's borders. Never does.

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5 hours ago, khunjeff said:

Yeah, I think most people would think of it as noodles with some thin curry, not as a soup. 

Technically, noodles can be soup and soup can be curried. 


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Whether you like it or not, Thailand has tons of soft power. The cuisine is one thing, the people are the other aspect of that immense soft power. No I don't mean the officialdom that seems to do everything in their power to erode that soft power.

But you see, the average tourist deals doesn't deal with the corrupt officials or politicians. They only see the good people of Thailand. The people that carry this nation (against all odds).

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