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Which one is better? Phuket or Pattaya?


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A few years ago I asked a bar manager from Pattaya why she moved to Phuket - "Because it's beautiful".


A few weeks ago I asked a Pattaya go-go girl why she came to Phuket to FL - "Because the customers treat me better".


I've never been to Pattaya and never will - it just doesn't tempt me. Having said that, I have never been to Bangkok apart from as a transit passenger for the same reason.


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40 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Pattaya METRO AREA is a MUCH better place to live.

Sure Phuket has beautiful beaches, but get real folks, what percentage of expats actually go to the beach all that often once they live there?

So many advantages to Pattaya already mentioned here.

Easy access to Bangkok often the top tourist destination on the planet.

For a vacation for new to Thailand types, arguably Phuket is better.

But again for expats, there really isn't a contest and it is NOT only about cost.

You're right, as an expat in Phuket for many years we didn't go to the beach that often but we did like to see the water and the coastline frequently. Gazing out into the bay and seeing the contrast of a green headland against blue sea and fluffy white clouds is very soothing, I find. For that reason, part of the appeal of both locations has to involve visual beauty. To be honest, if that was my sole criteria I'd have to say that Pattaya bay resembles more of a JC Penney parking lot on a Saturday afternoon but hey, lots of people like boats. 

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