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Dr Yong: Top Thai virologist doesn't mention China in online comments about Covid


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4 hours ago, Andycoops said:

Obviously being paid off by the CCP mafia to keep his mouth shut on all things chinese

Even though they have the biggest amount of covid cases and rising worldwide. Pathetic statement from a so called doctor who presumably doesn't follow the news.

Obviously being paid off to suppress influence to have the Chinese tested at immigration.

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5 hours ago, MrJ2U said:

A few months and "slow" season will be upon us fortunately.

The chinese tourists used to love visiting Thailand in the "slow" season, due to cheaper prices and less sunshine. 

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"He mentioned Japan and South Korea where there are large numbers of infections but avoided mentioning China by name. ...

He stopped short of jumping on the bandwagon in demanding PCR tests for incoming tourists from China. "


As he hasn't mentioned china at all, he couldn't stop short of demanding PCR for chinese.

Dr Yong does always follows the official governmental line on covid, he is a mouthpiece for their policies and their  propaganda. He is always a yellow shirt supporting military rule. Wearing white medical uniform has nothing to do with following science in his case.

I don't think he is related to china in any way, certainly is not payed by chinese embassy. He is just happy that his social media posts are enhanced by the governmental news agencies.


I think that the link below refers to his social media post, but looks like it was google translated, so it's unclear in some parts. Yep, he didn't mention china at all, even as his post was about incoming tourists.


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