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Brits rally round to donate 3 million baht for compatriot who fell off Koh Phangan hotel balcony and was "left helpless for 40 minutes"


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46 minutes ago, hioctane said:

You are not supposed to move someone if they might have a broken back.

Yes indeed, but this is what happened in Pai, North Thailand, yesterday 12/01/2023)


A foreign tourist broke his back in a motorbiking accident at a waterfall in the backpacking hotspot of Pai, Mae Hong Son province on Thursday.

Agony as foreign tourist breaks back at Pai waterfall



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14 minutes ago, jeffriesbkk said:

Might never walk again??? Can we get a follow up to this GFM story in 3 months?  

I recall 2 American girls partying in the Maldives after getting a large sum on GFM  for some accident / illness in Thailand a few years ago.

Everything is a grift these days.

Yep ... that's a bit suspect, if from the same source as 'fell 60 feet' ... 🙄

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3 hours ago, hioctane said:

"left on the floor helpless for 40 minutes until an ambulance finally arrived".


You are not supposed to move someone if they might have a broken back.

And I was taught that a fall from above SIX feet should be handled as a potentially fractured spine.

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1 hour ago, Boyn said:

I think the airlines should refuse to fly unless insurance is adequate .

Or add the travel insurance as part of the ticket price.


Airlines have much bigger clout in reducing rates for bulk buying of policies, it should be very affordable IMO.

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