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NY grand jury votes to indict Donald Trump, sources tell CNN


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*Deleted post edited out*


Real crimes like the consensual BJ Bill Clinton received from a more than willing aid, and the Republicans lost their minds?

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1 minute ago, OneMoreFarang said:

You forgot something: TRUMP-2024 in jail.

That's better

No, for that we want 2023.  

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1 minute ago, OneMoreFarang said:

I think overall this is a sad situation.

I would love to see Trump in jail, but please for a real crime and not because he supposedly lied about a payment to a hooker.

He should have been prosecuted a long time ago for treason.

He should have been in jail for obstruction of justice.

There are so many real bad things this guy did that it is amazing that he is not in jail.


If he goes down basically because he f@$#%# that woman, then I understand why people are upset. 

Jail him for something real! There are more than enough real reasons. 

There are IMO plenty of former presidents that should have been in jail- Nixon for a start, but it's not been the American way to do so, till now.


I doubt the Dems care what he's eliminated from standing for, just as long as he can't, which, IMO is what it's always been about.

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