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Thai man murders wife’s ex-husband after seeing them have sex in Chiang Mai


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An outraged Thai man allegedly murdered his wife’s ex-husband after he caught her having sex with him last night in the northern province of Chaing Mai. The killer’s 16 year old son reportedly took part in the gruesome murder.


Jom Thong Police Station officers and the Intanon Rescue Team rushed to the rented room in the Jom Thong district of Chaing Mai to intervene in the dispute. To the officers’ shock, they discovered the lifeless body of a 40 year old Thai man named Songkran.


Songkran was lying naked in a pool of blood inside the room with blood dripping from a severe head wound. Rescuers administered CPR but could not save his life.

The alleged murderer, 38 year old Wantanat, presented himself to the officers and confessed to being the killer. Wantanat was also injured and had a wound on the middle finger of his right hand. 


by Petch Petpailin

Photo via DailyNews


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-10-05


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On 10/5/2023 at 6:10 AM, keithkarmann said:

Or you do it where there is no chance of getting caught.

Not worth the risk and the hassle that potentially follows when found out. 


There was this guy in my village in Germany, bad apple, who started a relationship with the wife of one of his co-workers. Of course that on its own wasn't enough, so he just had to taunt him during lunchbreaks with <deleted> like, why don't you give me half your lunch, since your wife also already belongs 50% to me? The guy told him repeatedly to stop it, of course to no avail. So one day he went to the guy's place, who used to live with his father,  who let him in and who told him that he'll be home soon from a nightshift. While the guy was waiting in the kitchen, the father went to the local bakery and while he was gone his son came home from work and what exactly happened between the two no one knows, but it ended with the husband cutting down the guy with 26 stab wounds to the head, neck and upper body. Then the father came back home and in the frenzy he cut him down as well. So two people had to die because one guy thought it's cool to not only screw someone else's wife, but he also just HAD to taunt him with it, too, and one wife who had to <deleted> around.


The cops found out fairly quickly who it was an arrested him and the guy hung himself in the cell. He left behind his cheating wife and two little children. 


I would have just loved to be a fly on the wall when she tried to explain to her children why their father did what he did when they were old enough to ask questions.


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