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Thai thrill-seekers turn heads with illegal jet ski scooters on public road in Bangkok (video)


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Four Thai men admitted to engaging in an illegal activity by fabricating jet ski scooters and riding them on a road in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. They made known that they would visit a police station to pay fines for their indiscretion today, November 28.


A video shared on a Facebook account captured the scene of the four Thai men riding four jet skis on Som Sang road in the Bang Poon sub-district of Prathum Thani province. The footage depicted the four men navigating red jet skis along the road, accompanied by a motorcycle and a pickup truck.


The handles of the jet skis indicate that they were adapted from motorcycles, creating a curious motorcycle-jet ski hybrid. The video’s caption emphasized the safety of both the riders and other motorists on the road.

However, netizens raised questions about the legality of the activity, noting that the jet ski scooters appeared to be modified from motorcycles. Additionally, concerns were raised as none of the riders were observed wearing helmets during their journey.

While others were negative about the scooters, some saw the modification as a creative idea and unique.

After the video went viral on social media, Channel 7 contacted the people in the video to ask them more about the issue. One of the riders revealed to the media that he was the owner of a garage in the area and that modifying old motorcycles was his hobby.


by Petch Petpailin

Photo via YouTube/ BomOMG V2



Full story: The Thaiger 2023-11-28


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1 hour ago, soi3eddie said:

Ingenious and fun creations. More crash protection than a motorcycle so surely safer! They should be applauded and given an honorary engineering degree (if they don't already have degrees).


Yes, especially the steering radius...admit it, you have no idea about the subject:cheesy:

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19 hours ago, webfact said:

Additionally, concerns were raised as none of the riders were observed wearing helmets during their journey.

But they were not concerned by the lack of life vests...

Or the guy on the scooter behind them without a helmet...

Or the other 80% of bike riders that don't wear helmets......

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I would love to know what makes these so 'illegal' as they're just a bike with a different fairing really.....

Especially when there are loads of completely unroadworthy 3 wheeled contraptions on the roads both crappy old sidecar outfits and the badly modified two wheeled cart on the front of an old motorbike.


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