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Governor’s bold move against toxic haze: Chiang Mai’s war on farm fires heats up


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6 hours ago, webfact said:

Governor Nirat is not merely relying on restrictions, he has tasked the district chiefs with exploring alternatives to burning.

What happened to the government's plans for Very Small Power Plants created in 2020 to get operated by farming communities that uses harvested agricultural biomass as fuel versus just field burning the biomass? If successful, the then government alleged that it could save money by reducing sime agricultural subsidies and produce improve farmer revenues. 

Now we're back to "exploring."

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7 hours ago, webfact said:

Farmers are being encouraged to adopt more eco-friendly practices, such as ploughing and burying residue or selling it to energy recycling plants.


The government does not seem to understand that the burning is the easiest way for the farmers . Easier than harvesting what can be hard work ...

The farmers do not want more work , they want more money .

A solution would be a small fleet of automated harvesters . https://www.testing-simulation.com/post/automated-trucks-for-sugar-cane-harvesting

Better than a submarine .

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There is a very simple solution to this problem. If the authorities were interested about solutions. The burning has to stop. There are alternatives, to this 19th century technique of burning after the sugar cane harvest. Either the government starts to encourage farmers to switch to more environmentally friendly crops, or they start to penalize farmers for burning. This heinous burning, is leading to a tremendous degree of environmental degradation, and alot of lung disease. So here is what I propose-


1. Fine the farmers 5,000 baht for a first offense, and give them a stern warning, that burning is now prohibited, and the second fine will be very harsh.


2. For a second offense, fine the farmer 100,000 baht, levy it against the land, if unpaid, and warn them that if the burning continues, their land will be confiscated.


3. On the 3rd offense, confiscate their land. Period. No questions. No legal proceeding or appeals on the part of the farmers. Allow others to come in and purchase the land at a fair price, with the caveat that sugar is prohibited as a crop to be grown on that land.


The news would travel faster than the toxic smoke, and farmers would change their ways overnight, and move into the 21st century.


Then they can move on to tackle the sale of diesel vehicles, and the government's enthusiastic support of such. It is inane in this day and age. Most nations are moving away from diesel for good reasons. When they are not well maintained, they foul the air, with large, nasty particles, and huge clouds of noxious black smoke. And how many properly maintain their diesel vehicles here? 


Stop the burning. Now. 


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