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Chiang Rai Woman Victimised by Neighbour's Creepy CCTV Spying

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In the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand, Pennapha, commonly known as Yui, has found herself the target of constant surveillance and harassment by her male neighbour. This disturbing situation unfolded in Wiang Phang Kham sub-district, where Yui called upon journalists from ThaiRath for help, revealing the harrowing extent of her ordeal.


At her home, which she shares with her mother, Yui showed reporters several CCTV cameras aimed directly at her residence, clearly installed by her neighbour. She expressed her distress over not only the invasive surveillance but also the drone flights over her property, odd sounds, and lights intentionally shone into her home. 


As journalists arrived, the neighbour, detecting them through his cameras, hastily redirected them and even shouted, “I already fixed the issue!” unsettlingly dismissive of his previous actions. 


To preserve her privacy, Yui resorted to heavy curtains and taping her windows shut. Yet, the fear heightened when her neighbour took to social media, posting footage of his drone invasions with ominous captions like, “Be careful, I can get into your house anytime.”



Despite reporting these issues to the local authorities, the man's intrusions momentarily ceased only to resume shortly thereafter. The neighbour also resorted to revving his car engine outside Yui's home, further escalating the harassment.


This situation mirrors a recent case involving Mintra “Pare” Cheuwangkam, a well-known Thai internet figure, who endured years of stalking and harassment by a former security guard. Despite multiple arrests, her stalker continued to trouble her upon release, highlighting a troubling pattern in such cases.


Yui and her mother are now fervently appealing to the authorities for sustained intervention and effective measures to put an end to their neighbour's distressing behaviour. They hold out hope for a resolution that will afford them the peace and safety they desperately need.


TOP video screenshot: Thai Rath



-- 2024-05-21


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48 minutes ago, Moncul said:


Don't you think the female victim of a male stalker is the one more likely to be attacked?

In this place there's absolutely no telling...

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2 hours ago, PJ71 said:

At least she's made a sensible decision and we've not ended up with another headline such as 'woman stabs crazy neighbor to death'

The reverse maybe the news headline, when the neighbour feels like he's bored with CCTV and wants something real.

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3 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

The reverse maybe the news headline, when the neighbour feels like he's bored with CCTV and wants something real.

Yes, anything's possible.

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