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Cannabis crackdown: Only marijuana buds return to the blacklist


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4 minutes ago, Denim said:


He has friends ? Wow.


Anyway, moving on will there be new guidelines on alcohol to follow ?


The bottles and caps will remain legal but the contents will only be allowed to contain 1% alcohol.


This will be a revenue booster for government as drinkers will need to buy more bottles too  get drunk.


Great minds at work in high places.



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6 minutes ago, stoner said:


ewww i wouldn't. probably a fake with gross fake terps. ewwww.

Didnt know they sold fakes in California dispensaries. I use the one by the airport, myself

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26 minutes ago, KhunLA said:

Just a proposal, or actual law yet ?   Just another politician wanting his/her 15 second soundbite.


Wait & see, as surely some politicians are vested in the business.

The budness

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