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Any Place To Study Thai?


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In my opinion, you should search around KORAT, Khon Khaen (important University) and Udon Thani only.

Embassy and Consulates have also some excellent training (but it is in Bangkok). For French speaking people Alliance Francaise is very good.

Could be right. There's a university in Mahasarakham but as far as I know they only teach foreign languages.

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There's a language school in Ubon Ratchatani that teaches Thai and other languages. I have no idea whether they offer the ED Visa (if they don't, ask the whether they would like to experiment with you?).

I noticed their advertisement in a lift in the Phadaeng Hotel in Ubon this last weekend. You would need to phone the Phadaeng (ask for the manager who speaks English) and get then to give it to you. I do have their number 045254600.

JerrytheYoung might be right about Korat/Khon Kaen/Udon. They do have more falang than other parts of Isaan, but Ubon has a very large student community too with several universities. Might be cheaper than those other towns.

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