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Pattaya transgender faces jail term for 'kicking a cat'


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Pattaya Transgender Faces Jail Term for 'Kicking a Cat'
By Khaosod English

A man and the cat who he has accused a 35-year-old transgender woman of kicking, Pattaya, 13 Jan 2015.

CHONBURI — A transgender woman is facing prosecution under Thailand's newly-passed animal protection law for allegedly kicking a cat in the resort town of Pattaya this morning.

A married couple filed a complaint to Mueang Pattaya Police Station at around 5 am today that the 35-year-old suspect kicked their cat without any provocation.

According to the man, the transgender woman drunkenly approached his cat, and then kicked her, leading to a heated argument between him and the suspect.

Full story: http://www.khaosodenglish.com/detail.php?newsid=1421142555

-- Khaosod English 2015-01-13

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"without provocation"

I'd suspect there are two versions of this.

Before passing judgement I want to hear the other side of the story.

There is more to this than what is being reported: history of bad blood and probably a Thai guy scorned by ladyboy involved here.

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Stab a farang and send him fighting for life to ICU: 500 baht fine

Kick a cat : 40.000 baht fine

Finally an efficient scale to appreciate how we are valued here

Wait until a Farang is trying to stop his baby being bitten by a passing soi dog........

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Probably angry because he/she just learned an alternate meaning of the word "Pussy" when he/she was so proud to be called one him/herself.

Go kick a bitch aggressive soidog if he/she wants to kick something, but then that might be too much like kicking him/herself.

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So for kicking a Thai cat the transgender is facing prosecution ?? Remember the story when a transgender hit a farang with heels for not talking to her? Also ladyboys kicking and beating a farang at walking street?

I don't remember seeing any prison time for those curprits.

Anyway must say I m happy to see atlestatleast animal rights are being enforced .

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I love cats, but how about some even handed justice? Government employee killed friends wife due to poor driving, fined 1200 baht. Stab a tourist, 500 baht. Maybe defense should be "I thought it was a farang cat".

+1....Jail time seems a little too much comparing to what else goes on everyday without jail time.

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2 years in prison sounds like a fair punishment.

I agree with your sentiment but lets get real...

When you see some of the things people do to animals this is low on the Richter scale.

1 or 2K fine would suit this crime, this is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many other mistreaters of animals who do worse and who should be locked up for a very long time.

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I punted a dog after coming out of 711 ran up on me and with no escape gave it the boot. Only to realise the owner has it on a leash and won't restrain it. Three more strong kicks to it's face the owner restrains it, and abuses me for kicking the dog. I'm lucky I was able to get a kick in rather than It ripping my legs or arms up. On returning to my friends apartment I am informed the dog bit him and numerous others.

Yesterday I find out the dog is still around the shops but has been muzzled. Pity the laws don't stop owners of animals from reckless behaviour especially with a known biter.

I could hardly imagine a pussy cat needing a kick, no mater how pissed off it was.

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