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Chinese tourism obliterated, but not to worry they'll be back at the double later, says minister


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7 minutes ago, neeray said:

But there are millions of others depending on the tourism revenue stream. Might you be acting just a little selfish!

They'll survive.


Might not be able to waste all their money on Pizza Company and Pick-up modifications, but they'll survive.

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9 hours ago, Bruce Aussie Chiang Mai said:

They will come in droves full of gratitude because Thailand has found the cure with the magical cocktail mix of drugs.


Sounds like an all-night beach party I went to once. Woke up daze later.

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34 minutes ago, CGW said:

The problem with the "tourist revenue stream" is it comes bearing a "double edged sword" no attempt has been made to make it sustainable and it impacts heavily on others quality of life due to lack of investment and greed.

The primary reason for mass tourism from China is that for the Chinese, it is cheap, it is more expensive for them to holiday at home in China as they would not be allowed to be herded around in polluting transportation on mass like they are here, as an example, the tourism industry here is a victim of its own greed.

This statement applies to Thailand as well as practically every country around the globe. From cities like Venice to Cesky Krumlov to Paris, one can’t help but notice the hundreds of tour buses ferrying tourists from all over the world. 

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1 hour ago, Skallywag said:

Infrastructure in Pattaya could not even handle the numbers before, and now they predict double?  

The zero baht tours are not helping many Thais from what I have read.  

I was thinking the same. So I expect them to double the infrastructure in the next months so that they will be ready in time. Imagine all these Chinese want to come in huge quantities and can't because there are not enough rooms, busses, speed boats, tour guides... Perhaps they go to other countries then. 

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