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Pornhub blocked in Thailand due to Computer Crime law, reports Thai media


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30 minutes ago, ExpatOilWorker said:

It sure it blocked.



That's not a message for a blocked site. This is only a warning that someone might steal information. If you click on the advanced option, you will still be allowed to enter.

That they blocked that site, it's no question about, but that is not a blocked message.

Just wondering what to do now, when I am not visiting the local bars? No more good clips to look at while easing the pressure.

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2 minutes ago, rkidlad said:

Thing is they have no control over social media (where most people get their juicy info from). They can request certain pages, etc, be shut down but that can take a long time and usually the answer is no. 


These dinosaurs think that by blocking websites they can control the narrative. They couldn't be more wrong. Anyone with half a brain, or younger people who are tech natives, know or can find out how to view whatever they want.







Isnt that the idea of the internet gateway thailand has, they can shutdown sites/IP addresses instantly. Social media is still just IP addressees  and can still be blocked. Even an app wont get far if facebook.com is blocked.

I recall facebook was blocked during the 2014 coup.

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