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Chinese tourists will be spending up to 400K each in their short time in Thailand, TAT chief

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When will these clowns stop pulling numbers from thin air, he hasn't got a <deleted> clue how much they will spend !

Every single one of the 33 has a government official escorting, with a calculator. 

Who knew real estate prices had crashed so badly! 

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In a spirit of co-operation with the esteemed TAT General oops leader, I believe I know a few Thai ladies that can assist in ensuring the target expenditure is met.

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14 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Perhaps they insist that they spend that much, and when exiting if they don't have receipts for 400,000 they will be fined the outstanding amount 🙂

That could even become one of the new requirements for entry !!

Another COE ( certificate of expenses ) ?

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