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Vaccine registration for foreigners in Thailand expected by August


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25 minutes ago, Thailand said:

Registered at Mae Hia BigC in Chiang Mai yesterday. Apparently will be advised of vax time/date by email, expected July/August.



Based on availble information Chiang Mai does appear to have a plan, and are executing on it.


But again, this is just a registration. Still have to get the vaccines,a nd administer two per registrant.



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26 minutes ago, Enzian said:

And then how does this square with reports that there will be non-discriminatory walk-in vaccination centers in Bangkok in June?

It squares with wait and see what actually happens at those sites when expats gingerly approach. We will also want to know what proof of living here is required. Passports enough? If not, what.

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WHAT? …. I registered last Sunday …. Let me find the IM I sent out on Sunday in Chiangmai ….. the following is the message I posted on Sunday…..



Went to BigC today (next to HomePro) on Hang Dong Road …. and in the Food Court.(See pics) … there were other venues around CM
Apparently these staff were from Nakon Ping hospital.
They asked me if I wanted to sign up for vaccine …. Astra Zeneca  (English) …. But I suspect manufactured in a Thai Lab.
Asked if 22 July was OK at 2:00
They asked what venue would I like ….. Ram Hospital was an option so chose Ram.
I have the Pink ID card but there was another Farang there using a Passport.
My wife (Thai) chose an earlier date at the hospital next to Tesco on Hang Dong Road.
This sign-up team will be at Big C again tomorrow (Mon) for one more day.
I have to admit that I'm not a fan of taking this vaccine …. But I have until 22 July to decide…. and could chicken out …. I'll be watching the news about side effects of Thai vaccines.










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BTW …. They gave me a confirmation for the vaccination printout on paper …


Name, Date, Time, Venue …. So seems good ….

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