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Domestic travel: Thais are saddled with debt and nearly half have no plans to go anywhere in 4th Quarter


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so yesterday's TAT projection for 2022 for 160mln trips bringing in 850bln would have to be adjusted.

If only by 50%.

They also believe foreign travellers can bring 650bln, but based on grossly overestimation of 15mln visitors.

Still, in this light, domestic travel will be in a downfall for a year or two, while international will be slowly bouncing 

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1 hour ago, hotchilli said:

36% of 70 million should be good news surely?

When Thais travel, they are not like us Westerners.

They spend money on gasoline to get to their destination, and Home again.

The destination is usually a relatives house, where they can sleep free of charge, and there is a small expense on food to share with the family and a few gifts.


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6 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

Not much of a surprise now is it. Covid has decimated people's lives and savings and many are highly


The case world over, especially within particular societies that find it necessary to live beyond their means.

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