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What's your daily breakfast?


I start my day with:

Warm water and a squeezed lemon or lime.


After 30min or so, my fruit platter:

Frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana, apple, AVOCADO and sometimes I add melon.

I add yoghurt, honey and cinnamon.

Avocado is a very delicate fruit and timing is not so easy.


This keeps me going and after another hour or so:


2 eggs with some dark bread and coffee.


I am fine until late in the afternoon.

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6 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Tomato juice, hot chocolate

Dark multi grain bread with salmon and mustard-dill-sauce

Two eggs benedict with duck eggs

Dark multi grain bread with cheese 

Butterzopf with jam or Nutella


More espresso




At least that is one version of the breakfast I like.

What is Butterzopf?

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Upon waking up I'll have a glass of warm water with a TBS of apple cider vinegar long before breakfast..... Sometimes switch off to a TBS lemon juice instead of ACV.....


Then....About an hour later....


Usually home made toast, eggs, bacon or sausage.... Garden fresh veggies, a soup, along with a fruit plate....Polished off with no fat milk...Sometimes it's jok / congee....A few times a month waffles, pancakes, or breakfast burritos find their way to the table ...

Some days that's the only meal I want....

I generally don't eat after 1400.... Intermittent fasting in my own way.....


I don't like coffee, but my wife likes it enough for both of us....

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First thing on waking , hot ginger and lime juice in a mug. An hour or two later breakfast. Never the same thing twice in a row. So....something from my breakfast menu:


1 ) Full English breakfast ( as full as possible ) but no mushrooms. Home baked  bread and either      hashbrowns or bubble and squeek patties . Orange juice and coffee


( eggs any style , fried , poached , scrambled or as ham and cheese omelette )


2)  Porridge with banana . Toast and coffee


3) Mashed sardines on tomatoes on toast ....  coffee


4) Meuesli with banana. Toast and coffee


5) Bacon cheese and tomato croissant with coffee


6 )  Cornflakes with apple, banana and strawberries ( in season )  coffee , toast


7) Ky grata  ( two eggs in a dish with a bit of diced tomato , bacon, sausage  with toast and OJ

    coffee after.


8 )   breaky sandwich ( bacon egg and tomato with melted cheese between two doorstep slice)

     OJ and coffee


9 ) Shakshuka  . To my own recipe.  In a small pan , fried onions , diced potatoes , sliced bacon, sliced sausage , diced tomatoes and a little green or red pepper. Fry this up then make two wells and put in 2 eggs. Add a little water then cover with a lid until eggs poached. Grate cheese on top until melted. Share with wife over home made sesame toast.




10 )  anything else I can think of like kedgeree when I can get smoked fish.


Nothing much for lunch or supper.





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10 minutes ago, Farmerslife said:

As no one has done this already, I had better trot out the old line  - "a roll in bed with a little honey"


Truthfully though (and much more disappointing) , ginger tea and a fresh fruit salad.

How about optionally a little whipped cream or Nutella on the honey? ???? 

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10 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

How about optionally a little whipped cream or Nutella on the honey? ???? 

If it was Peggy yes.




But I wouldn't get in a car with her afterwards unless the windows were open.



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Just difficult for avocado.

Imported ones crazy expensive. 

I use the local ones but timing is difficult. The last ones I had, even after 5 days, they were still hard.


I prefer the "Hass avocados"

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