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We can’t go back to our old ways, Phuket marine industry cautioned

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PHUKET: Phuket’s marine industry has been cautioned against returning to pre-COVID business strategies following hard lessons learned in surviving during the pandemic.


Shaun Stenning, CEO of 5 Star Marine, delivered the message while speaking as one of the panel of industry experts at the Joint Chambers Phuket Business Briefing “What’s Ahead - Phuket’s Plan for Kickstarting the Economy”, led by the Australian Chamber of Commerce, held at Boat Lagoon Marina on Wednesday night (Oct 20).


Mr Stenning delivered three key points: a need to focus more on domestic travellers as a survival and growth strategy shifting away from over-reliance on international visitors; a need for clear coordinated rules for conducting tours to neighbouring provinces Phang Nga and Krabi; and a clear shift away from the volume of mass tourism of the past.


Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/we-cant-go-back-to-our-old-ways-phuket-marine-industry-cautioned-81791.php



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Nearly full boats every day.

That kinda happens when there's very little competition.


Wonder how long their philosophy will last when other companies start making lots of money following their usual business plan.


It gives me no pleasure being negative, but Shaun is in denial; both about enforcement if new rules are introduced and the Thai love of money over the environment.

It's a good demonstration of both idealism and the triumph of hope over reality.

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Hmmm, unfortunately it's the nature of the beast, Thais are greedy for the tourist dollar and as long as they are getting plenty of it they won't give 2 hoots.


A slightly different vein but look at the cab drivers, how long did it take for them to return to their gouging visitors ? I don't live there so can only go by what I read on here but wasn't the faux PM involved in telling them to stop it ?


The same will no doubt happen here in Pattaya, as soon as any appreciable volume of tourists return then so will the scams, prices will rise and  more damaged jet skis be be operating, they will be told by the powers that be not to scam people, will nod their heads vigorously and totally forget what they've been told. ????


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