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Something that I really like to ask you guys, if you dont mind help me out.... We are coming to Thailand via air, in this case 20th of november......


a - This testing that Thailand wants us to do upon arrivel., where is this taking place.???

      On the airport OR in the hotel that has been booked????

b - Can I also plse ask you guys if you have a link to hotels that are approved... I did try to book          BS Residence out at the Suvarnabhumi airport.... But now a friends wife called them and their response was, "no we dont do any testing"!!!!  Is this some kind of missunderstanding though???


The rest of the stuff is OK; I have a grip of that at least...

Thank you so much...


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So what is practicly happeneing my friend wonders when they arrive to Suvarnabhumi, yes fully vaccinated, will they just be picked up ny the hotel-cab and taken to the hotel and do the testing there?? It seems a bit up in the air. or maybe I am just slow......555



ps. thank you for your help, will check up the link above given to me, thnks

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