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New Alcohol Selling Restrictions at Makro (Makro only)?


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4 minutes ago, PoorSucker said:

I think this rumour comes from someone trying to buy between 2pm and 5pm

No, it comes from a person who has been living in Thailand for more than 20 years. He is well aware of the official selling hours and he pointed out that he tried to buy during these hours.


Because I haven't heard elsewhere about that, I suspect (hope), it may have happened because of some kind of misinterpretation by a local store manager. 

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11 minutes ago, Kwasaki said:

Here we go again another beer expert in the forum, I like what you called Thai swill it has won awards but I don't care about that I like I the taste couldn't care less what you like. 

beer expert? nah, just not a povvo

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21 hours ago, pgrahmm said:

Just make more than one trip w/o a card,  changing cashier lanes; or more people.....

I don't drink beer, so 10 liters seems like a lot....

I don't drink beer either (think I must have used up my lifetime allotment in college). But i do usually stock up on the house box wine 4-6 boxes. No problem for me to visit three local stores to do the same.

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Makro, dear posters, is a cash & carry outlet and is primarily there to cater to wholesale purchasers. They are probably restricted by law or maybe their own regulations at the very least to the quantities they can sell to none professional customers.


In fact, it's quite unusual for such an outlet to even serve the retail market.

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4 minutes ago, Bigz said:

That's pretty much the same as buying a box in macro. Maybe a baht difference

580 a box, buying one single ready cold beer out the fridge 50.

Makro is 20 kilos away. 

Mum and Pops

is around the corner. 

Even ready cold beer in 7-11 is 154 for 3 again just around the corner.

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6 minutes ago, CM Dad said:

I have lived here for more than thirty years and have had no desire to shop at a Makro for at least twenty-five.  Shop somewhere else.

It depends a lot on where you live. Here in Mukdahan, there isn't much choice when it comes to Western products other than the Makro.


Of course, I can buy beer everywhere. But most stores carry relatively old beer, while at the Makro it is usually reasonably fresh.

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