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Thai media report sighting of ghost in Udon Thani - expert in the supernatural consulted


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1 hour ago, webfact said:

ASEAN NOW notes that Thais love a ghost story - many believe in the supernatural. 

We have a pizza joint out in the boonies in Phitsanulok province and one of the main problems we encounter is parking. In order to alleviate this problem we rent parking spaces from our surrounding neighbors for B500 a weekend. One young man wanted more money and my wife said no. So what did he do? He hung a black coat up in order to drive away the bad juju thereby increasing our need for  additional parking and more money in his pocket. I gave up trying to figure out this mumble jumbo years ago... 


black ghost.jpg

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

an area she described as scary because she knew that a man had died in an accident on the bridge there and another person nearby had hanged themselves

...The power of suggestion!


Also the blurred figure, if that is what it is, appears to be wearing white not "dark clothing from the knee to the neck", strangely enough, just like the young lady pointing in the video!

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In Thailand there are plenty of ghosts. In the USA it's UFOs. Same same but different.


We had a ghost in my house in London, apparently. My mother and sister saw her, not me, although when I was an infant I started singing a nursery rhyme and my mother asked how I knew it as she hadn't taught it to me, and I told her an old lady had sat on my bed and taught me. So a kindly ghost. But in Thailand for some reason they are always evil. I wonder why that is.

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Most of the Thai's I know believe in ghosts, even educated people.


One night I watched the original Ghostbusters movie with my wife. She was surprised when I told her it wasn't a documentary.


But I will let her know we've now learned the answer to "Who Ya Gonna Call?". The answer is apparently Mor Pla (Dr. Fish).


Paul Laew

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One of the early stories I heared when I was new in Thailand, told by a cute young lady from Isan was like that:

"As kids when we were out after dark and saw a ghost, we just turned our backs to it, tore down our pants a bit and shaked our butts. Because that would scare the ghost an it left us alone."

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