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Murder of Brit in Kanchanaburi: Injured friend sitting up in hospital gets Facebook well wishers


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Shaun Dagnan, in his mid fifties, has been pictured sitting up in bed next to his partner Pranee.


The deceased man, from Weston-Super-Mare, was believed to have been living in the kingdom for about five years.


Shaun - known as Daggy to his friends - was involved in the incident in the early hours of Saturday morning when his friend Marcus Evans, 49, was allegedly murdered by a sickle wielding Thai. 


Mr Dagnan, originally from Nuneaton, is believed to have been living in Thailand for three years and is consequently not a tourist.


According to earlier reports the pair had been drinking since the previous evening outside rented rooms.

Both were attacked around 4 am. 


A 22 year old man, now in custody and charged with murder and attempted murder, allegedly assaulted the British pair. He is undergoing mental health assessments according to police in Kanchanaburi in Thailand's west. 


More than 200 well wishers sent their best to the injured British man now recovering in a hospital in Kanchanaburi.


Pranee said on Facebook: "Thank you everyone for your messages of support - he's feeling better now".


Mr Dagnan said on Facebook remembering his murdered buddy:

"Thank you all for your your kind words and prayers I love you all but my heart goes out to my friend Marcus and his family; rest in peace big man, shine bright my friend".


ASEAN NOW have contacted both Mr Dagnan and his wife for further comment. 



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4 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Sure, if the stash is too big to be considered personal usage or when it is not that of a big amount but divided in multiple bags and you also happen to have a weigh scale in the kitchen. It happens.

OR just a innocent user but poor, who also sells a bit to their friends. Regardless, 2-3 decades is insane while getting away with rape, murder and the like for just a few years.


We all know the real big guys get out relatively fast for the huge amounts they have too, thanks to the huge amounts of money they hold.

ok so it's sellers\pushers fair enough, they've ruined enough lives, sickening when they target girls to get them hooked

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10 minutes ago, CrunchWrapSupreme said:

This is on topic, it's obviously time to rethink one's long term plans here with foreigners being murdered, which by the looks of things may be condoned. Do let us know how this affects that incoming queue of QUALITY TOURISTS, Amazing Thailand.

There is many reasons but you are certainly right about that, hundreds, thousands, have been murdered, even while prior having been doing good business here without any drama or problems, to then never see justice. That is something scary too, even when one so far never had problems.


To then consider the smile is gone, money is way down + will be down more, does not make it safer.

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Thailand is as safe as most other countries,cept traffic.

  Those guys attacked,not the most striking of ex pats living in dumps like that,like to know the ins and outs of all this,just a load of low life living

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4 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

Seems you have been there, it does not matter which country you are in, murder is murder. This nonsense of ''it is not my country'' is so tiring. To speak of behavior, Thais should kill each other much more then.

i can take personal attacks but at least i have common sense and especially at *******  three o'clock in the morning

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