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Why do people move to Thailand and Complain How Much Things Cost?

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I don't complain. I voluntarily stay 6-month in Thailand to avoid oppressive heat in Las Vegas and some sea breeze on Jomtien beaches. If I could afford I would have moved to California. But I don't think I could purchase a house in California coasts after selling my house in IL and my condo in Las Vegas that generates nice income for me through AirBnb.  

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49 minutes ago, moogradod said:

I moved here from Switzerland where a lot of things are expensive (in fairness it needs to be mentioned that they are as well of high quality). And many things here are not so expensive.


But some are overly expensive. I am complaining about the price of exactly the same good sold here at 4-5 times the price (some even more) which cannot be justified by anything real (purchase price, logistics like transport, storage etc.). Most probably this is due to tax which is excessive for some items and nothing short of a simple rip-off.


Unfortunately this does not only apply to luxury items like sport cars etc. which I do not need to buy that frequently 🙂, but to simple things like orange juice or risotto rice. There is no delicious orange juice available here (something like "Andros") or apple juice (line Gravensteiner) - even irrespective of price for the imported (a bit better) ones which sell at exuberant rip-off prices. I think that these are specific product ranges that some are complaining about (think "wine" - guess there are a lot who are not that happy with the pricing).

You input is appreciated. 


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1 hour ago, Hummin said:

Right now there is complaints about rising prices all over the world. 


Nothing remotely to do with the post.


Lots of folks, through their own admissions, moved to Thailand because it is cheaper than their home country.


Then they complain if prices go up.


Because the bah bus or whatever goes up 10 baht, what is the reason for complaining?


Is 10 extra baht really hurting some folks that much?

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