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India to Require Negative Covid Test from Thai Visitors


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One of wifeys friends recently went on a Buddhist pilgrimage group tour to India for a couple of weeks. On return several of the group were sick and tested positive for covid so maybe India needs to put it's own house in order first.

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7 hours ago, ukrules said:

Reciprocity is required here, all Indians must be subject to testing prior to boarding any flights to Thailand.


Also make it a type of test which is particularly expensive and require that all original paperwork is presented both in Indian and then separately translated into Thai and notarised at the Embassy - all within 24 hours of the flight 🤣


The Chinese are coming back now, there's more important things to consider.

Damn straight!  What's good for the Thai goose is good for the Indian gander! Hard to believe the Kingdom isn't complaining about this.

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7 hours ago, ozimoron said:

What medical imperative would drive that policy? This is all about the possibility of large numbers of arrivals from China causing widespread infections in Thailand. There's no current reciprocity issue there. 

The usual China bashing. The Indians announced the mandatory PCR tests on December 24th, before the Chinese announced the reopening after 8th January.




This "news" item is quite old now.

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9 minutes ago, gearbox said:

The usual China bashing

It's going to be a problem when China opens up releasing millions of people infected with different Omicron variants. 


Also most Chinese tourists are rude.  Smoking in No smoking areas and defacating everywhere but a toilet. 

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