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Witch hunt against 'Big Joke' persists: Police probe rental properties linked to top cop


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1 hour ago, garygooner said:

New head of police will be named today apparently. Don't think it'll be BJ.  

No this is the same as the last time he was going to break something.  This is the politics of corruption.  First Pita got it this year then they went after the MFP Then Srettha now they are ging after Big Joke.  


The only one that is untouchable is dying of cancer so they can't do much.


Consider this raid as having done its job preventing him from the post where he could do the most damage.  


Once this blows over or the MFP gets into power I would not want to be anyone associated.  


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Here's a conundrum


If the people who are doing the investigating are unusually wealthy should they not too be investigated?


If the judges, lawmakers and politicians are unusually wealthy should they be able to investigate anybody until they have been investigated?


If thew entire system is a cess pit of corruption, dishonesty and nepotism should it be in any position to pass judgement on anybody?


Is it a witch-hunt? probably


Is he as bent as a nine bob note? undoubtably


Are they all a bunch of self righteous, lying, immoral hypocrites? fukin A they are scum bags one and all top to bottom, root and branch!!

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28 minutes ago, Liverpool Lou said:

What aspects point to his being unusually wealthy?

Oh I don't know, maybe 5 houses on a gated estate in Bangkok or maybe he is just a cracking little saver, what do you reckon?

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26 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

If that was a argument you could probe all of them.

Now there's an idea! didn't the last incumbent of govt house simply refuse and nothing was said? top to bottom, rotten to the core...

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