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Foreign couple’s brazen theft to dodge checkpoint fines caught on CCTV


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20 hours ago, snoop1130 said:



A security camera caught a foreign couple stealing two motorcycle helmets from a post office welfare house in the northern province of Chiang Mai in a bid to avoid being fined at a police checkpoint.


The director of the Mae Ping Post Office, Kraisri Thongwirat, discovered that two helmets belonging to the post office had gone missing yesterday, October 2. The two helmets had been left at his welfare house near the post office. They were red and white and had the Thailand Post logo on them.


To track down the thieves, Kraisri checked a security camera at the house and spotted the two foreign thieves on a red Honda Click motorcycle. The motorbike is presumed to be a tourist rental as it had no number plate.


In the video, a foreign man was seen parking the motorcycle in front of the welfare house at about 11.20am and entering the premises to steal the helmets. The foreign woman later walked to the front of the house and waited for the man. They helped each other put on the helmets and did not appear to be in a hurry.


By Petch Petpailin

Caption: Photo via Chiang Mai News


Full story: The Thaiger 2023-10-03


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Where the thieves Thai or were they Foreign ?

Its not quite clear in the report...............????

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On 10/3/2023 at 10:42 PM, cracker1 said:

"The motorbike is presumed to be a tourist rental as it had no number plate.'"

Why do the police allow bikes with no plates on the road ? How could they possibly track the ownership ?

First, that scooter has a licence plate, as can be seen already in the pixelated picture and more clearly in the linked video. Beats me why the journalist who wrote the original article had to invent this bit.

Second, a brand new two-wheeler has no licence plate until it gets a green book, usually one month. If the police wants they can stop the driver and ask for the dealer receipt, with owner and all. It's not much different for cars, initially they are allowed on the road with a red plate, which is linked to the dealer not the owner.

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So if they returned the helmets after checkpoint are they still stolen or borrowed


oddly i noticed 2 helmets in trash can in city yest...looked perfectly fine.....


so no info on the shop that rented these 2 the mbike...did they offer helmets and tell them about drivers license laws????.....the helmets may be only half the fine...the cops will find something to scam you on.......double whammy for helmet and license=1000


In 15 yrs ive yet to see or hear a shop owner tell me  I need a thai or Intern. license to rent a MB

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