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Drunk Indian Tourist Claims to Lose Gold Bracelet to Pattaya Transwoman


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18 minutes ago, findlay13 said:

Surprise Surprise. Do I smell an insurance scam ?

It would be a very good policy covering for such amounts and the circumstances.

As said before, Indians like to show off their gold, and you can't tell them anything!

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Could his 200,000 baht bracelet and missing mobile be back in his hotel room safe ?


The reason I ponder, is because it wouldn't take much here to buy an el cheapo from anywhere (fake), put it on, go out, stumble around looking for a CCTV camera nearby where transgenders hangout, take a seat, pretend your drunk and asleep waiting for a transgender to take it and an el cheapo mobile from your pocket.


Then file a police report and make a claim against your insurance company, I mean why else would you file a report, if i's gone, it's gone right.


This is just me thinking out aloud of course, however if I am right, would love to read later on that insurance company of Indian denies claim due to him not providing a duty of care as per his insurance policy, i.e. being intoxicated.


If my thinking is a little obscured, and this really happened, well what can I say, there is a sucker a minute that visits the Land of opportunities, who will provide them with a free smile and a Wai.



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12 hours ago, snoop1130 said:



A drunk Indian tourist was reportedly pickpocketed by a transgender individual while passed out on Walking Street in Pattaya.


The incident was reported to Pattaya police in the early hours of December 4th by the Indian victim, Mr. Kotay Avisake, 40. The man claimed to have been robbed of his phone and a gold bracelet worth over 200,000 baht after falling asleep in front of a cannabis shop on Walking Street in South Pattaya.

How can anyone tell if that is a katoey? The quality of the VDO is rubbish.

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