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January 21st Will Mark My 52nd Year in Asia: Is There ONE Special Person Here Who Will Celebrate With Me?


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13 hours ago, GammaGlobulin said:

I have never had a REAL Japanese girlfriend.

I have never had a REAL Thai girlfriend.


So, now, maybe this is my chance?


Personally speaking, Chinese girlfriends have always been my forte....

Up to now.



Try something New , you know the saying : Ones you go Black You'll never go Back.

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13 hours ago, GammaGlobulin said:

I could.


And then...


I could pass off the results of my profile to you.


For proper handling.


No no .. I was just trying to assist you. I don't want you to pass your suitors to me. 

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19 hours ago, GammaGlobulin said:

My Dear Friends,


Among you, there might be just one non-robot who might wish to celebrate with me, my fifty-second year in Asia.


Personally, I would like to celebrate this occasion with a girl.


And, NOT a WHITE girl.


But, a white girl might do, too.


Hit me up via PM if you are a girl, of any color, willing to have a nice Thai dinner with me.


This will be a ONE-TIME thing.


And so, I hope you don't think I am seeking a GF, or nothing.


You need not be a genius, but just a fun girl.


We will have good food at a nice restaurant, and then leave in separate Grab vehicles.


I am looking forward to it.


This is NOT a joke.


I do NOT care about your age.


I only care that you will enjoy my company.


My only requirement is that you  are a REAL GIRL...and I might need to check you out before we sit down to dinner.


Looking forward to many replies from the girls on this forum....


Best regards, 

And, January 21 will be a great evening,





When you have finished - could you please pass her on to me?

I wish you a Happy ending evening and congratulations!

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I can hook you up with a small boobed, chubby brown local spinster

She prefers western food rather than Thai.

The down side is if she wants more food she tends to howl a bit.

If interested, you need to speak softly to her and take her for walks during the evening.

Did I mention she is a bit of a dog 


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3 hours ago, scottiejohn said:

I can think of a few but they are all incarcerated in their local nuthouses!


Have you ever visited the nuthouse in Chiang Mai on the Thanoon Yai?


Near the uni hospital.


I have never been, but I would sign up for a tour if offered.


Maybe celebrate there?



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