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Phuket Tourist Police arrest illegal foreign tour guides


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45 minutes ago, VinnieK said:

Are these undercover coppers in the photo? 😱

There were quite a few of these around at tourist places. They talked to quite a few people. but proving they're working as guides is not always easy. I do hope it serves as a warning and will scare off some of the illegal ones.

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With many requirements for jobs that only can not do it is no wonder that "illegal" guides show up.. Thailand should do something to make things easy as it should be in the 21st century instead of staying behind in the pre WO II era

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21 hours ago, Will B Good said:

Well if you dole out 90 day visas like confetti I guess it gives people time to set themselves up to earn a few bob.

I thought it was only Russians that get 90days Not Ukrainians even though Thais can get 90 days for the Ukraine. 

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1 hour ago, Pouatchee said:


agreed... how did a stateless person get passed immigration and allowed in?

Likely irrelevant as they live in Thailand as indigenous peoples but denied citizenship or visas because they lack necessary documentation.

  • "Thailand has a registered stateless population of more than half a million – one of the largest in the world. Nearly a quarter of them live in Chiang Mai. They are mostly members of indigenous ethnic minorities from the mountainous border areas."
  • "The 1954 Convention's most significant contribution to international law is its definition of a “stateless person” as someone “who is not considered as a national by any State under operation of its law.” For those who qualify as stateless persons, the Convention provides important minimum standards of treatment."

With regard to the latter Thailand seems to provide minimal "lip services" to it stateless peoples to comply with the Convention but keeps them very confined and controlled. My guess is such peoples would tend towards a progressive government like MFP and not with authoritarian governments if they were able to vote.


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On 2/22/2024 at 12:51 PM, stoner said:

poorly dressed if they are. 

Not properly dressed.  The undercover uniform is a black T shirt, wind cheater, shiny black boots and visible bulge from firearm,

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