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Thai man found dead, his sexual partner goes missing


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A 63 year old Thai man was found dead under puzzling circumstances in a hotel room in Ubon Ratchathani province, with a woman, believed to be his partner, missing from the scene.


Local authorities were called to investigate the unusual death of Chaiyasit, a retired official from the Royal Irrigation Department, on June 15. He was discovered wearing only his underwear and motionless on the bed.


Police located his shirt, trousers, wallet and identification card at the foot of the bed. They also found dry leaves on the bed, although the plant species they come from has not been determined yet.


The police found no evidence of injuries or robbery. Chaiyasit's possessions, including money, mobile phone and the keys to his red Toyota parked outside, were all intact.


A 29 year old hotel employee named Wong recounted to the police that Chaiyasit came to the hotel with a woman who seemed to be between 40 and 50 years old. The woman was heard shouting for help around 2:27pm. Wong's girlfriend, also an employee of the hotel, found the woman attempting to resuscitate Chaiyasit. The woman requested the hotel staff to call for medical assistance, but they were unable to save Chaiyasit.


However, before the police or a medical team arrived, the woman collected her belongings and left the hotel by taxi.


Police are currently reviewing CCTV footage from both the hotel and neighboring areas. They are attempting to get in contact with the woman for questioning.


Online speculations suggest the woman was not involved in Chaiyasit's death but had left because she did not want to get entangled in the investigation and possible confrontation with Chaiyasit’s wife. Some internet users also suppose that Chaiyasit might have consumed an excess amount of Viagra, resulting in his death.


File photo for reference only



-- 2024-06-17


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An afternoon of fun turned to tragedy, she tried to help the guy but  failed, at least she called for assistance.

Didn't hang around to get involved with the police, was a bad idea.

Better if she said to staff that she was there as his guest and he passed away.

A lot less trouble than running.

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On 6/17/2024 at 3:33 PM, WorriedNoodle said:

The go-to paragraph for any Thai journalist worth his salt in this day and age.

 Following the USA MSM  "sources close to the matter say"  or "someone familiar with the issues believes"  it's ALL BS

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