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extension of 30 days exempt, after discussion with immigration upon arrival.

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Let's say someone was flagged at immigration Suvarnabhumi (reason came too many times visa exempt),
and after some discussion and being made to book a (changeable) flight to his/her country of origin for later on,
was admitted with a 30 day visa exempt stamp without further issue (no notes in passport, etc).

Can this visa exempt then be extended with 30 days (since visa exempt given) or will this be frowned upon/ refused at IT square?

Admitting that people should have the correct visa, etc. but we are confronted with this now and would like to give advise. Thank you.

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This topic comes up a LOT believe it or not 

Many people get pulled up stamping in by immigration officers who think they are abusing the free entry stamp, they are told they have to leave in 30 days and often they are made to book a ticket out of the country right there IN 30 days before they're stamped in.

As Caldera said, the immigration officer at ANY office isn't going to have any idea what transpired between you and the officer who stamped you in.

You'll get the 30 day extension fine without issue.  


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1 hour ago, Toby1947 said:

When is the 60 day exemption supposed to start 


The latest I read about it says "July 15"



Another recent estimate, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says " yen yen"



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