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Tourism in northern Thailand decimated: Worst in ten years say hoteliers


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3 minutes ago, WinnieTheKhwai said:

I've looked more into the reasons why this kind of reporting is extremely misleading. They are quoting the Northern Chapter of the Thai Hotel Association. 
This is a club of 64 (!) hotels, most of them very long established. Places like the Orchid Hotel, Chiang Mai Gate, CM Plaza Hotel, Dusit Princess, Suriwongse, Holiday Inn, M Hotel (formerly Montri), Imperial Mae Ping, Lotus PSK, Phucome, Flora Creek (formerly Kritsada Doi Resort), Prince Hotel, etc. etc. So in short these are all hotels that were also around 20-30 years ago, (with some 5-Star newcomers like the Meridien and Anantara) For reference, the full list is here: http://www.thaihotels.org/16779806/northern-upper

It would be an understatement to say that Chiang Mai tourism is not the same as it was 20-30 years ago. No longer a couple dozen entrenched hotels dominate the market. A quick look on Agoda shows 5,274 hotels , hostels and other accommodation providers. Booking dot com: 2,084. 

So there are now THOUSANDS of options for tourists to stay in Chiang Mai. Most of these did not even exist '10 years ago' as stated by the old guard hotel operators. 
There is probably an interesting and relevant article / headline to be found in there, about the changing landscape of tourist accommodation in the North, but a whine about 'the worst for 10 years' on tourist numbers certainly isn't it. 

I wish fewer journalists let themselves be fooled so easily. One thing the Hotel Association does well is issue press releases and do seminars and interviews. So the laziest of journalists will have something to print.

On VRBO just in Phuket alone something like 3900 properties listed, not including hotels

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I arrived CM Friday night very healthy Sunday morning coughing badly and very painful when I cough, the nights are impossible with the cough and phlegm, this is the second time its happened to me I'm so sick I can't even advise the builder what to do or drive the wife to get building supplies, I'm out near San Kamphaeng all night I can smell smoke while trying to sleep i got medication yesterday,

But I dont think Tourists getting sick and nearly dying from the smoke will stop them comming

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3 minutes ago, Mikisteel said:

Cm was never all that. It was and maybe still is a strong bolthole for expats but the overkill of hotels and lack of pollution control has killed the place. I see it on these travel groups on Facebook and there are plenty of people aware of the issues. Be a good lesson to learn for CM if they lost 30% of tourists.



I wonder how many expats have left CM? I know a few gone for good

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