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Covid-19: Put Thai prostitutes returning from Korea on an island in quarantine, social media goes ape as 5000 set to return


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23 minutes ago, darksidedog said:

I note the Koreans are waiving any issues regarding Thais immigration status, and offering a full amnesty, as they see the threat of the virus as being way more important. Be interesting to see the reaction here when someone on overstay is found to be infected, or wishes to leave citing virus fears.



The media said that the Korean authorities are giving appropriate medical treatment to Thais irrespective of their legal or illegal status in the country. 


I kinda doubt the Thai authorities would be extending the same courtesy in comparable situations. How's the medical facilities in the IDC???   :ninja:

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5 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


Awww... come on... a less scandalous headline would never receive the same degree of outrage. Don’t let common sense get in the way of headline fit for conspiracy guzzling netizens... 


The only difference between Thai hookers and others returns from Korea is the hookers are likely to have more "social engagement" compared to an ordinary person and thus perhaps have greater potential for spreading the virus prior to being corraled.  And for the same reason, perhaps a greater likelihood of having acquired the virus while in Korea.



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5000.... OMG.  Step 1, rent a boat.  Step 2, secure 5000000 baht.   Step 3, draft a will.   Step 4, learn how to write a book.  Step 5, get an account at a popular video site, learn to monetize.  

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1 hour ago, webfact said:
Online site Drama-Addict contained suggestions that the returnees must be kept away from the general population. 
Some suggested putting the "Phee Noi" (little ghosts as they are referred to in Thai) on a deserted island for a 14 day quarantine. 


I was not born but I have a little education ..
It reminds me of the "dark hours" of our recent history when, in France, the police zealously rounded up and then locked up the Jews in the  Vel' d'Hiv' 





Nothing surprises me more from the Thai civil servant :post-4641-1156693976:

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