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TripAdvisor slaps warning on Thailand's 'Sea View Resort & Spa' review page

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Great! Go Tripadvisor. I sincerely hope more big hotel pages online will follow your lead, and slam the fragile egos as it is written in the news.   Fantastic!

The guy didnt write a honest review though , he wrote numerous false allegations because he got charged corkage on alcohol be bought into the hotel from outside .    The American guy waged a camp

The "resort" shot them self in the foot big-time😂. Reading this story, who in the world would pick this place over 100s of others? 

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3 minutes ago, soi3eddie said:


No winners here. The guy shouldn't have done what he did and write a false review. The hotel should have appealed with TripAdvisor for removal of the review and not launched legal proceedings until TripAdvisor refused to remove the review. Now TripAdvisor have added the notice to the front of the hotel's listing. Only losers all around.


I feel the best way for TripAdvisor to have notified potential guests and reviewers of Thai hotels regarding the issue of defamation would have been to put a generic pop-up over all Thai hotel (or restaurant) listings - without naming this hotel. This notice should warn about possible actions if false and unsubstantiated reviews are posted.



TA did remove the review when this story first came out I was following it, and I did look on TA site and also did look through a lot of their other reviews but that one had gone when I looked

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1 minute ago, 2long said:

Not sure why some of you guys haven't noticed that this resort has plenty of other negative reviews, but only about 4% of its total. they're not going around getting everyone thrown in jail and they didn't want this guy thrown in jail. He was a bad apple with an ego of a Yank and he had been drinking. He threatened to write reviews and he wrote several, and the resort tried to reach out to him first, worried that he wouldn't stop.


But while there's no such thing as bad publicity, I am sure the resort and the Yank regret every moment of this whole affair. Let's hope that we can all learn from it.

Maybe the other bad reviewers had already left Thailand

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