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Koh Phangan: Foreigners continually breaking the Covid-19 rules test the patience of district chief


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Just now, possum1931 said:

Not that you know of anyway, would you like to confirm that all these friends had no issues with the PLF? Have you spoken to them all about it?

I did not go into the finer details. but i asked if everything ran smoothly for them, and they said yes it was fine. 
I'll ask them about the PLF this evening.  BTW They actually all left for the same reason that we're currently  discussing. 

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On 8/24/2021 at 10:36 AM, BangkokReady said:

It's a problem if it could lead to an increase in infections.  If they live together, then it's not really going to increase anything.  If they live separately then someone in the group could be infected, he/she could infect the other five members of the group, they could in turn infect multiple people each.  If this happens enough then you have incontrollable spread.  The members of the group could change also, so you have no idea how many people would actually be at risk.  And, of course, if this group was allowed to do it, then others would do it too.


Public gatherings are not allowed for this reason.

Trying to understand the rules... So if it was in someone's home 5/6 people would be OK?

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On 8/25/2021 at 10:10 AM, possum1931 said:

"they can just go back home". Can they? Speaking for the UK, first they have to get a plane ticket, the easiest part, then they have to get the Cvirus check, another easy part apart from getting ripped off with the cost, then there's the PLF which has to be done 48 hours or less before the plane lands in the UK, which takes it down to 36 hours, and less if you have to change planes before you get there, and what if the plane leaves Bangkok late which happens regularly? and it has to be done online, all done before the plane leaves. Easy, isn't it?

I see that the UK has now added Thailand  to the red travel list

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